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October 11-12, 2022

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Meet Our Herd of High-Performing
Angus Sires

We take a lot of pride in the herd we’ve built over the past 80 years at Richardson McClung Ranch. Take a look at our herd of high-performing Angus sires.

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Black and white photo of the original herd next to fenceline
Original Founding Herd, Richardson McClung Ranch, 1949

The Richardson McClung Ranch Story

Sometime about 1940, at his farm just north of Fort Worth, McClung put his 4M brand on the first Angus cattle he bred. The 4M brand, representing the four members of his family – himself, his wife Evelyn, and daughters, Lucian and Barbara – was as new as the breed he was branding. He had high hopes for the future of both.

As time passed, McClung found the Angus breed to be a thrifty, hardy breed that did not experience calving problems, was fertile, and was versatile when crossed with most other breeds. Within his herd he initiated a progressive breeding program that over the years resulted in a high producing herd that supplied seed stock to breeders in the Southwest and to many of the top herds throughout the country.

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Black and white photo of Cow Silhouette with Brand Tattoo

R.A. Brown Annual Bull Sale OCTOBER 11-12, 2022

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